Zoning & Building

For the protection of the public health, safety and welfare the Borough of Lehighton has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. Persons who are planning any home improvement project should call the Zoning Officer/Building Inspector's Office to ask whether a Building and/or Zoning permit is required. Permit application may be obtained at the Borough Office.

Barry Isett & Associates

Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer

Email:   tdow@barryisett.com

Phone: 610-377-4002 ext. 219


2018 Fee Schedule | ( Download.pdf )

Subdivision and Land Development
Ordinance | ( Download.pdf )

Zoning Ordinance |
( Download .pdf )

Zoning Map |
( Download .pdf )

Forms can be found on the Forms and Permits page.

Required for but not limited to the following items:

New construction, alteration additions to structures roofs fences porches garages decks parking pads and driveways retaining walls in-ground and above ground pools storage sheds and all signs.


Borough Hall
1 Constitution Avenue
Lehighton, PA 18235

(610) 377.4002

Monday thru Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Police Number
(610) 377-4003


Crossing Guards

    Lehighton Borough Police
    Department is currently
    looking for individuals
    who want to help as
    school crossing gaurds.

    For more information,
    please contact the police secretary
    at 610-377-4003.

Online Utility Billing

     Effective July 17th, the
     Utility Billing Office will
     be accepting online payments.
     Please click here for
     for more information.

2018 Lehighton Fireworks

     Lehighton, PA has held a
     Fireworks Display the past
     two years over the 4th of
     July weekends. The displays
     have received amazing reviews,
     and it is the hope of the
     Lehighton Borough Parks &
     Recreation Board to present
     a 3rd Annual Lehighton
     Fireworks Display in 2018.
     Donate Now!

Yard Waste Program
     Temporary Stopped

     The Yard Waste Recycle Program
     is temporarily stopped due to an
     insect causing problems. When
     the recycling center we use
     reopens we will update the
     website to let you know we
     are again accepting yard waste.
     Until then you can follow the
     garbage ordinance as to how
     you can put yard waste our
     for pick up.

    Dropping off Used COOKING
    \ MOTOR OIL is No longer
    accepted at the Public Works

    NEVER drop off containers of
    cannot dispose of them.

2018 Pool Flyer
The 2018 pool flyer is available
    on the Recreation page

Vacant Seats
    There is a vacant seat on
    the Zoning Hearing Board.

    To be considered for these
    vacancies, you MUST be a
    resident of Lehighton Borough

    Letters of interest can be
    submitted in the Borough
    Secretary's office.

Local Tax / EIT Forms
    These forms can be found on
    Berkheimer Tax Administrator .

    Lehighton Borough Residents:
    PSD Code is 130203.

    Berheimer EIT Form (.pdf)